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Here's more info on the Battlefield Hardline masks included in Criminal Activity DLC

A short list of masks in the Battlefield Hardline expansion pack Criminal Activity has been posted by Visceral Games.


Six new masks will be added to the Wolf and Dinosaur masks that already exist and new helmets for Cops are on the way as well, each with its own XP bonus.

Criminal Masks

  • Rabbit: +10% Gearhead XP Bonus
  • Gorilla: +20% Rep XP Bonus
  • Wolf: +10% Teamplay XP Bonus
  • Dinosaur: +20% Quickdraw XP Bonus

Cop Helmets

  • Motorcycle Helmet: +10% Gearhead XP Bonus
  • Tactical Helmet: +20% Rep XP Bonus
  • Riot Helmet: +10% Teamplay XP Bonus
  • Ballistic Helmet: +20% Quickdraw XP Bonus

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity arrives in June and Premium members will be granted early access to the expansion.

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