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Battlefield 5 Firestorm leaked tutorial is our first look at battle royale in Battlefield

The tutorial video for Battlefield 5's battle royale mode, Firestorm, has leaked.

The video appears to have been spotted on EA's content servers rather than grabbed from Battlefield 5's files. As you'd expect, the Firestorm tutorial follows the same structure and presentation seen in introduction videos for other modes in the game.

Since DICE has yet to officially show off any Firestorm gameplay, this leaked, 90-second video is all we have to go on. We've embedded the YouTube version below, but do be warned that the quality is sub-480p. It's likely going to be taken down, but you can always go back to the EA server link.

The video confirms much of this week's datamine, including the most ridiculous one of all: the helicopter. As the data dump suggested, Firestorm supports solos, duos, and four-player squads.

Watch on YouTube

Everyone will be parachuting into the map - which we get to see a glimpse of in the video - and must look for weapons, body armour, backpacks, and healing kits to survive. Loot comes in three rarities: common, rare, and epic. Interestingly, it doesn't look like we'll be scavenging for attachments, since higher-tier weapons will come pre-equipped with scopes, extended magazines and even reduced recoil.

As revealed this week, ammo is divided by weapon class rather than calibre. One of the more unique aspects in Firestorm is the ability to fire your sidearm when you're knocked out. The UI is similar to that in other battle royale games, such as Fear the Wolves, with an inventory screen off to the side, obstructing little of the screen.

Firestorm's map have major objectives that, when captured, unlock attack vehicles. Safes are also hidden all over the world, which you can crack to gain access to high-tier loot. The video also reveals that traditional Battlefield classes won't have their usual benefits in Firestorm, which was expected.

Since the leak, the official Battlefield Twitter account shared a short teaser, promising more details in the future.

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