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Battlefield 4 reveal March 26, Shanghai a possible location

It's official, apparently: Battlefield 4 will be revealed by EA during GDC March 26.

The invite is shown in full on Polygon.

It's been pretty much assumed since the teaser invite was revealed last week.

Now we know for sure, and not only due to the invite posted online, but because we have an invite sitting in our inbox as well.

Kotaku has also posted a full view of the leaked artwork. Go look at it, and while you are ogling it, check out the small photo in it showing a cityscape.

Looks remarkably close to Shanghai doesn't it? Especially the tower, which looks to similar to the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower in the city to be a coincidence. (Thanks:
EG Czech
, EG Germany).

Well know for sure whether the image is legitimate come the evening of the 26th.

GDC takes place March 26 - 29.

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