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Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC could include Caspian Border & Operation Metro - rumour

Battlefield 4's Second Assault DLC will include four fan-favourite maps remade in Frostbit 3, according to DICE. Based on polls carried out by the studio, and insight from the developer, those are currently Caspian Border and Operation Metro by a wide margin.

YouTuber RivaLxfactor and MP1st have been playing detective on this matter, and have come across some interesting - but absolutely unverified - nods as to what fan-favourite maps might be included in the expansion.

The Second Assault pack's descriptor reads, "This Premium expansion pack will feature four of the most fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, redesigned to take advantage of our advanced Frostbite 3 engine and enhanced to include new multiplayer features from Battlefield 4."

When fans asked Battlefield 4's core gameplay designer Alan Kertz what the fan-favourite maps were during this Reddit AMA, he replied, "Metro and Caspian are runaway favourites."

Lastly, this DICE poll asks fans directly what Battlefield 3 maps they'd like to see return in Second Assault, with Caspian Border and Operation Metro placed as clear favourites.

Would you like to see both maps return? Let us know below.

Battlefield 4 hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 across North America on October 29, and Europe November 1. It will come to PS4 and Xbox One sometime after.

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