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Battlefield 4 multiplayer to be shown during EA's E3 conference

Battlefield 4 developer DICE has confirmed that it will be showing off the game's multiplayer component during EA's pre-show conference on June 10, and that press will get to go hands-on with the content on the show floor.

The above image was posted on the Battlefield Blog last week, tucked down at the bottom of a post.

"We’ve heard from millions of fans that multiplayer is what you want to see most – The wait is almost over," the post reads. "E3 2013 will feature hours of Battlefield 4 multiplayer footage; both at the special EA event on June 10th and streaming live from the E3 showroom floor where we will be inviting attendees to play and compete in Battlefield 4 multiplayer .

"Not coming to E3? No problem. You will be able to catch live streams of the entire E3 experience, including extensive footage from live, unscripted multiplayer matches, complete with commentary."

We'll have more information on how you can watch streams of Battlefield 4 multiplayer soon, but for now let us know how excited - or not - you are about seeing the game's online play in action.

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