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Battlefield 4: multiplayer save transfer between current and next gen builds being considered

Battlefield 4 developer DICE may include some kind of cross-game transfer between current and next-gen versions of the shooter, according to the studio's general manager and vice president Karl-Magnus Troedsson.

The issue stems from Battlefield 4 launching on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 from October 29 in the states, and November 1 in Europe. It will hit PS4 and Xbox One further down the line, so it seems bothersome that players might have to start their multiplayer career from scratch if they 'grade-up' to a next-gen console.

Speaking with MP1st at E3 last week, Troedsson was asked if a save transfer between generations was in the works.

He replied that the studio was, "…just started having this discussion, so this is not settled yet. But we have heard that – I don’t know if this came from inside or outside of DICE – but that is being discussed.”

So there you go, it's on DICE's collective hive mind. Would you like to see this feature included? Let us know below.

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