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Battlefield 4 - DICE details Levolution and Commander Mode

Battlefield 4 has another video available, in which DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson and EAvision's Stephanie Prentice discuss Levolution and Commander Mode.

Levolution, which I have a very hard time typing - much like Revengence - means that level in the game will evolve over time on a multiplayer map.

One example of this is the skyscraper in the Siege of Shanghai map, can be demolished by placing C4 on its four players. This will collapse the building, and will change the location of the flag in Conquest mode and kick dust into the surrounding area - making it hard to see. Bollards can also be raised to block roads and impede vehicles.

Commander Mode is playeable on a tablet or mobile device, and give the user a "birds eye view," so as to support the troops on the ground and call in air strikes.

An improved Battelog has integrated into the console experience and is also available as an app, and you can also change loadouts and servers on the fly.

Watch below.

Battlefield 4 is out in October on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It will release on PS4 and Xbox One when the consoles release.

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