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Battlefield 4: DICE aiming for 64-players, 60FPS on Xbox One & PS4

Battlefield 4's PC edition is the benchmark developer DICE hopes to establish on Xbox One and PS4, according to executive producer Patrick Bach. He hopes to bring 64-player matches and 60FPS to your living room, and has discussed the challenges of the studio's goal in a new interview.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Bach said, "We have a very complicated game with a lot of moving parts. We had to decide, yes, we will do this in 60FPS. Everything else is secondary.

"We know the game is great when you have 64 players and destruction, and if we could get what we had on PC for a long time in your living room with a pad, wouldn't that be amazing? That's what we're aiming for."

Bach stressed that while the PC version represents the "full Battlefield experience", DICE does want to achieve a level playing field across all next-gen formats. He said that those playing on Xbox One and PS4 have a whole new level of chaos to look forward to in Battlefield 4.

He continued, "They [next-gen console players] will experience another level of chaos they haven't seen before. 12 versus 12, you can keep track of quite a few people, but only so many. When you get to 32 versus 32, that's when it becomes hard to keep track of the other team, when it feels like there are more things going on than just around me and what I can control.

"That's the experience we always wanted to get to with the consoles without sacrificing the other core pillars of the franchise."

Do you think DICE can manage to replicate the PC version of Battlefield on Xbox One and PS4? Would you like to see it happen? Let us know below.

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