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Battlefield 4 alpha images show five-man squads and more - rumour

A huge gallery of images allegedly taken from an alpha for Battlefield 4 give some insight into the new DICE shooter's features.

The 58 images were posted in a gallery on Imgur, apparently by a user called Mystogan, an are marked as "alpha trial".

The images' validity has been called into question, although interface details are quite convincing, and it's worth remembering that alpha tests often have much lower graphics quality than finished releases; there are some pretty obvious missing textures here, for example.

Flicking through the screens reveals a wealth of little details for Battlefield fans. Polygon noted that the squad selection screen has four slots for other players, and that each character has two gadget slots in addition to specialisation and camouflage slots.

Battlefield 4 is headed to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, where it will launch in late October, and to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which versions remain undated. We're expecting to see a lot more of the shooter during E3, at EA's conference and probably at Microsoft's or Sony's, too.

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