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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition releasing tonight on PC, other formats delayed

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will launch from 8pm GMT today, according to project lead Trent Oster. However, the iPad and Android builds have been delayed. Get the details below.

Oster announced the game's release via Twitter:

Again, that's 8pm GMT tonight, and you can pre-load the game from the official Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition site.

Oster also stated that the iOS build is to be delayed by a week due to a bug discovered by Apple:

Oster added that a cross-platform bug is holding up the Android edition, but that he remains hopeful it will launch before Christmas, stating, "Our current crash is cross-platform, so the fixes are for all platforms. Legacy code bites again. We'll get Android done before Christmas. The list of supported devices might be very Nvidia skewed though."

On the subject of the Mac edition, Oster stated that the Mac OSX certification process takes even longer, but said he will update fans as they push forward. Meanwhile the iPhone screen is supposedly too small to comfortably use the game's interface, and Oster confirmed that the team would look at an alternative control method soon.

The team recently revealed a gameplay trailer that features rather chatty characters. Check it out here:

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition trailer blasts voice acting.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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