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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition co-op supports cross-platform play

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition creative director Trent Oster has confirmed that the game will feature cross-platform co-op via Twitter.

Over at his personal Twitter feed, Oster confirmed, "Bgee will have co-op multiplayer and will work across platforms. iPad can play with Android, Mac and PC. One happy gaming family :)."

Clearly, he's a delightful chap, and his game is looking rather brilliant too. Online cross-platform support will work wherever you are in the world and across all of the formats listed above.

The game will use a matchmaking system when pairing players together, explains Beamdog's official Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition site.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is released on September 18.

Are you looking forward to Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition? Let us know all about it below.

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