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New Baldur's Gate 3 patch lets you be the Tav you want to be

Mirror, mirror tell me true, what do you think of my new 'do?

Larian Studios has released patch 3 for Baldur's Gate 3 and it's a doozy.

Patch 3 not only fixes several things, it also brings the full release to Mac and allows you to change your character's appearance in-game via the Magic Mirror.

Baldur's Gate 3: Launch Party - An Animated ShortWatch on YouTube

For Mac users, as with the PC release in August, saves made in previous versions are not compatible with the full release. To prepare for the full version of the game and minimize potential compatibility issues, Mac users should fully uninstall the game and remove any mods before installing the latest version.

The minimum and recommended specs for Mac users have also been updated: an M1 Pro processor and FSR enabled to run the game at high or ultra settings on a Retina display is now recommended.

For players who have wanted to change their appearance, your wish has been granted: all hail the Magic Mirror!

Located in your camp, the Magic Mirror will allow you to permanently alter the appearance of your character whenever you’d like and as many times as you’d like. While your appearance, voice, pronouns, and sexy regions can be changed, your race/subrace and body type cannot, so there are some restrictions in place.

Origin characters, hirelings, and full illithids cannot use the Magic Mirro, and cosmetic modifications as a consequence of your gameplay choices will persist due to big life decisions made through gameplay.

Some other highlights from Patch 3 include fixes to combat, colors on the PS5 controller will now match elemental damage types more closely, Scratch will no longer float in the air when you pet him by the posthouse in Rivington, Myshka the cat will now follow you around if told to, the patch has improved performance in the Lower City, art changes have made dye more intense - but more art changes were made - and some flow and scripting fixes were applied.

With gameplay, some spells will now correctly break the Sanctuary condition, Level Up will now queue all characters who can be leveled up so you don't have to click on them individually, all corpses should now show the "empty" tag after you loot them, mummies raised through Create Undead can now Jump to follow you around better, the patch optimized how the game handles object selection on controllers, and various UI passes were made.

You can also expect changes to level design, a new dialogue option was added to the first in-person dialogue with the Dream Visitor, some audio fixes were applied, select cinematics were improved and fixed, and plenty more.

The full patch notes, like Patch 2, are hefty and exceed Steam’s character limit. If you want to read the full list, spoilers and all, check out the full notes here.

Patch 3 isn't the end of it, as Larian is working on further updates with additional features and epilogue scenes.

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