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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Rightfully Yours Quest Guide - Where to find the Dikastes armour

If you’re going to administer justice on behalf of the mighty Poseidon, then you’d better look the part! Before it could make it’s way into your hands, a special set of Atlantean armour has gone missing and is now scattered around the city of Atlantis - here’s where to find all the pieces.

Each of the artefacts are found in the Fortified Domas on the outskirts of the Porimos Ring in Atlantis, as well as a couple of the unfortified Doma locations.

The final piece of armour needs level 3 Isu Knowledge to collect, so you’ll have to tour the locations of Atlantis to get the points necessary to complete the set. We have a separate page on where you can find caches of knowledge if you're short.

Rightfully Yours guide - Dikastes Armour locations

Fortified Doma of Mestor

You’ll find the Dikastes Helmet in the western Fortified Doma of the city. Scan the area with Ikaros to locate the Polemarch.

Here’s its location on the map:

Doma of Elasippos

This Doma is in the east of the city. Head over to the question mark on the map on the eastern bridge, then climb down underneath it to find the Doma. Here you’ll find the Dikastes breastplate.

Find it on the world map here:

Fortified Doma of Autochthonos

Head to the northeast of the city to find this Doma and the Dikastes Belt. The Polemarch is on the top floor of the location, so I’d recommend scanning with Ikaros to get an idea of where to find him.

The Doma is here on the map:

Doma of Azaes

The Dikastes Greaves are found at this northwestern Doma. Travel over to the area marked on the map below:

Fortified Doma of Mnesaes

This final Doma in the southeast of the city is the one that requires level 3 Isu Knowledge to enter. Once you’ve reached that milestone, you’ll be able to finish off the set and claim its unique engraving - not to mention unlocking its look in visual customisation:

For more the last piece of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC, check out our pages on Adamant Weapons and Ingots, and where to find the last Keeper’s Insights.

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