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Arkane Austin might be gone, but its studio head received a "burst of energy" after Redfall's final update

"I'm looking forward to talking about what I'll be doing next."

Some characters exploring in Redfall.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

Microsoft shut down Arkane Austin back in May, but despite the sad news, former studio head Harvey Smith has been hit with a "burst of energy" after Redfall's final update.

Much to the dismay of many, in early May Microsoft announced it was shutting down Hi-Fi Rush studio Tango Gameworks, Redfall developer Arkane Austin, alongside Alpha Dog Games and Roundhouse Games. Arkane Austin was able to get one final update out for the game, which arrived at the end of May, which added in a bunch of features players had been asking for since the game was released last year. Now that fans have had some time with the game, former studio head Smith shared on Twitter that the responses to it have given him a "burst of energy."

On Smith's personal Twitter, he wrote "Hearing from the people playing the cleaned up, final version of Redfall is such a burst of energy. I'm looking forward to talking about what I'll be doing next." Slightly more sarcastically, he also added "final hit 'inbox zero' at the office," though that's more of a win for him than anyone else. Since the studio was announced to be shutting down, Smith hasn't announced what his current plans are in the industry, but with 30 years of experience, I'm sure he's found something just fine.

The fourth and final Redfall update came with several quality of life changes, but the most notable was easily the fact the game now has an offline. Redfall launched as an always online title, a controversial move for many, and when the studio's shutdown was announced, there were concerns the game simply wouldn't be playable at all anymore, but the update has secured it for the time being at least. There were also various quality of life changes, so even if it isn't the game Arkane Austin wanted it to be, at least it's a bit more playable now.

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