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Ark Survival: Ascended sees another delay on Xbox Series X/S

PlayStation and Xbox versions will still have different release windows.

Studio Wildcard has delayed the release of Ark: Survival Ascended on Xbox Series X/S.

According to the studio, it has run into a certification issue with the Xbox version.

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"Unfortunately, the certification process has yeilded some unexpected issues, so we are working with Microsoft to resubmit the build as soon as possible," said the studio.

It expects the game to be released on Xbox Series X/S early next week and will provide a release date by the end of this week. It was originally supposed to be released on November 14, after a prior delay.

With PlayStation 5, Studio Wildcard said it is "directly iterating" with its partners and Sony for the release, and it's on track for "the end of this month."

"We will update you as we make more meaningful progress and have a precise launch window to share."

When Ark: Survival Ascended released through Early Access on Steam in late-October, it was announced the console versions would arrive in November instead of October as initially planned.

At least it is on track to maintain a November release despite yet another delay.

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