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Apex Legends servers down on PC, EA on it [UPDATE]

Worldwide services for Apex Legends on PC were suffering from a major issue this morning, but it appears things are starting to get back to normal.


EA has said it is starting to see recovery on PC connection issues, which means you can probably try to log into the game again. The team at Respawn is still continuing to investigate the problem, so hopefully all will be smooth as silk soon.

Original story and first update follows.


For a couple of hours now, many Apex Legends players have not been able to get past the game's log-in screen on PC. If you played Respawn's battle royale shooter, you'll be familiar with its spinning loading icon.

You'll also know that it should take a few short seconds before you see the lobby screen, which players are currently not able to do. Many have resorted to posting memes on the game's subreddit while they wait.

The issue appears to be PC-specific.

For its part, EA confirmed it's aware of the problem and is currently working on a fix. The most recent update was posted two four hours ago, and it doesn't look like things have improved much since.

We'll update this story when things go back to normal. Apex Legends' recent update add a new weapon, which unlocked overnight. It also fixed a few crashes on all platforms.

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