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Here's how challenges are going to work in Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends developer Respawn promises a more rewarding progression system in the game's Season 2.

Part of this is done by accelerating progress through the Apex Legends Season 2 battle pass, and in a new blog post, the developer explained how it plans to achieve this.

To level up your battle pass, you'll need to complete daily and weekly challenges. Respawn wants these challenges to be intuitive, interesting, and straightforward enough that you don't have to rely on outside sources to figure out what to do.

Over half of the weekly challenges will allow you to go up one level in the battle pass. Respawn is also introducing a new system in the Season 2 battle pass called Stars. Stars are unlocked by completing daily and weekly challenges that don't offer enough for a level on their own.

When you combine the XP those lesser challenges give with their Stars, you get enough for a another battle pass level.

Daily challenges

Every day, you'll receive three daily challenges. These are designed to be knocked out quickly, and completing each one earns you 3,000 Stars for a total of 9,000 if you do all three.

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Weekly challenges

Seven weekly challenges are generated every week. Naturally, they will take longer to complete thanks to their more demanding requirements. Each one grants a battle pass level when completed.

Weekly challenges, however, do not disappear. Even if you start playing in week 4 or 5, you'll still be able to complete the weekly challenges you missed and earn the rewards.

Weekly resetting challenges

As mentioned earlier, there is one new type of weekly challenge that resets every week. You get three of these special weeklies each week, but you won't be able to complete them if you miss them.

There's also a repeatable quest to earn 9,000 Stars or general XP, which itself rewards a battle pass level. If you take advantage of that, the requirement will keep increasing (up to 54,000) until the rest.

In case you missed it, Season 2 is also introducing big changes to the game's map now that the wild life is roaming free.

Season 2 kicks off tomorrow, July 2.

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