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Apex Legends in Advanced Negotiations for Release on Mobile

The popular battle royale is readying to go mobile.

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EA is holding its quarterly earnings call for Q4 2019 today and a big focus of today's talks to investors is the success of Apex Legends. Though momentum has slowed in recent weeks, Apex Legends is still a big new IP for EA, and CEO Andrew Wilson announced that the hit mobile game is coming to mobile soon.

Wilson previously discussed mobile for Apex Legends at the last investor call, but it was more exploratory at the time. Today, Wilson confirmed that plans are underway to get Apex Legends to mobile and the Chinese market.

Popular battle royale games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have found great success on mobile devices. And in many regions around the world, mobile is a preferred platform for games. So bringing Apex Legends to mobile devices could help the flagging battle royale game to get a second wind.

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EA announced that Apex Legends has over 50 million users, which is the same number of users as in March. Apex Legends has had a slowdown after its explosive launch partly because of its lackluster season one battle pass. But EA says it is learning with Apex Legends and there will be details for Apex Legends Season 2 at this year's EA Play.

Respawn Entertainment surprise launched Apex Legends earlier this year, and quickly amassed a large player base. The team-based hero mechanics offered something new to the battle royale genre, and Fortnite has already borrowed some of Apex Legends' more popular features. However, despite its poorly received season one battle pass Respawn says it's trying to develop the game in a way as to not crunch its employees.

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