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Apex Legends dev wants to get the game running at 120fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X

The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Apex Legends may soon run at 120fps.

Apex Legends developer Respawn has revealed that 120fps support on PS5 and Xbox Series X is a big priority for the team. In a Reddit AMA celebrating the Season 8 launch, Respawn answered a wide range of questions.

This is where we recently heard about plans to nerf Caustic a bit. Steven Ferreira, team director at Respawn's Vancouver studio, was asked whether the studio plans to take better advantage of the power of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

As it stands, Apex Legends does run at a higher resolution on those machines compared to PS4 and Xbox One, through backwards compatibility. But, as we've seen with a number of other games, there's so much more that could be done. For Respawn, a higher framerate is the target.

"120 FPS is one of our goals and as we continue to look at [next-gen] features and balance between what we think is best for the overall player experience for [next-gen], we're keeping this in mind," said Ferreira.

"Can't promise anything but with the core mechanics 'feel' of Apex being such an important piece of the player experience this one is high on the priority list."

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