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APB: Reloaded open beta to start on May 18

GamersFirst has announced that the open beta for APB Reloaded - the free-to-play rehash of Realtime Worlds' crime MMO - will kick off on May 18.

If you're looking for a chance to get into the beta before that, you can try your luck by creating a GamersFirst account and submitting your details to the APB newsletter sign-up page.

GamersFirst brought the game back from its grave after Realtime Worlds went bust.

The studio's aim is to get the game running in basic form with a working micro-transaction shop and continue adding more features later on.

GamersFirst also promised to offer full credit refunds for people who are willing to help them test out the micro-transaction store. The firm will also offer character restoration for people with old APB characters, and will later send out an email detailing what else you can reclaim from your earlier profile.

You can read the full statement over at the APB Reloaded blog, which also details how GamersFirst plans to tackle hackers and more.

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