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APB: Reloaded future features teased


The latest Reloaded blog post touches on "extensive changes", which Reloaded Productions plans "to implement in the Open Beta and especially for Live Service".

Former Realtime Worlds staffer and current Reloaded Productions designer Zak "Qwentle" Littwin outlined some of this new content.

"The expansion of game modes (especially the addition of “Chaos” and the creation of the completely new mode called “Turf Wars’) as well as the release of a whole new district (the “Asylum” expansion)," he wrote.

"We are working on [turning Asylum into] an awesome map [which will] drastically alter how players can engage each other, and potentially will alter (for the better) the whole idea of missions, while leaving in place some of the ideas behind the original game play from the original districts."

"These future changes will truly change the game play of APB," he added, "And will make the game much more sustainable."

Littwin stressed that new features and content are unlikely to surface in an upcoming closed beta; invites for it went out last week.

Thanks, Massively.

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