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Here's some of what you can do in Anthem's open world

Anthem's free play mode is open to all players looking for an adventure outside of the typical mission structure.

Anthem has one of the more interesting open worlds we've seen in the loot shooter genre. Though it may not be as massive as most games today, it's layered in such a way that there's always something to discover.

This verticality also adds to the sense of scale, which is pretty clear in any of the footage showing the game's free play in action. Outside of the game's world events, you're also encouraged to hunt and take down bosses roaming around like the Titan, and Ursix.

In Arekkz's video below, we get to watch a couple of the different activities scattered around the world, some of these big bosses, and a few traversal tricks that show the scale of the game's world.

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Anthem's VIP demo kicks off this weekend, with the open demo to follow next week. Hit the link for all the details.

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