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Anthem's Interceptor is a speed and style monster - new video

Anthem's most agile of the four Javelins, the Interceptor, is a melee and crits monsters.

The Interceptor is arguably the most stylish of the four Anthem Javelins, particularly because of its reliance on melee attack, as it springs between targets to make it harder for enemies to land a shot.

This need for speed is further emphasised with the shield recharge mechanic, which, for the Interceptor, builds up much faster on the move. Unlike the other three, the Interceptor gets triple jumps and dashes, making for immense mobility.

The Javelin's mobility allows it to cater to melee-heavy builds, as well as glass cannon, boom-and-zoom style attacks. You can see all of this in IGN's video below:

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BioWare recently unveiled Anthem's PC specs, as we approach the launch of the first demo.

The full game hits February 22.

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