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Watch Anthem Conviction, a live-action short from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp, the sci-fi film director better known for District 9, and Chappie, has teamed up with BioWare on an Anthem project.

Called Anthem Conviction, the project is a live-action short. The short just debuted on the Oats Studios YouTube channel. Oats is Blomkamp's production outfit, and is responsible for several impressive shorts, released over the past few months.

Conviction is an original story, written by Blomkamp, and set in the world of Anthem decades before the events of the main game.

"Conviction sets the stage with a narrative that touches on Anthem’s beautiful and immersive world, which is ripe for exploration by these powerful Javelins. A world where danger is lurking on every ledge and in each valley," said Blomkamp.

You can watch it in all its glory below:

Watch on YouTube

Neill Blomkamp is no stranger to video game live-action. He famously directed the Halo Landfall live-action short, which is impressive even by today's standards. For a time, Blomkamp was tapped to direct a full-on, live-action Halo film, but the project never entered production.

Anthem launches February 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with early access kicking off tomorrow.

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