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Cataclysm is back in Anthem, but in reduced capacity until next content release

Cataclysm is back in Anthem, but not all of its features have returned.

Bioware has turned the Cataclysm switch back on in Anthem, despite the event having concluded.

The Cataclysm event ended earlier this week, but a hotfix issued yesterday brought it back online.

According to the update posted, Bioware has brought some of the elements back for you to play until the next content release. 

Until the next seasonal update, the Echoes of Reality portion of the event will remain live. Players will still retain and earn Crystals in these runs.

The store will go back online this week, and once live, you will be able to spend Crystals again. Just know that these will not carry over into the next seasonal event, so spend them while you can.

What isn't back are Daily Cataclysm Challenges, Story Missions, and Freeplay Events. The Leaderboards, while visible, will not be updated and will remain blank until the next event.

Details on the next content update aren't available at this time. Bioware said previously it was moving away from the Acts structure to seasonal updates. 

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