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Anger Foot shows that kicking doors and putting the boot to gangsters are good outlets for anger

Free Lives leaves behind the thrusting of Genital Jousting, and the savagery of Gorn to give us this.

If nothing else, you can count on Free Lives to deliver a bizarre and a little unnerving game. You can probably also count on Devolver Digital buying into the pitch. We got both of those during Devolver's Countdown event.

That is to say, a new game from Free Lives, published by Devolver. We're talking about Anger Foot, of course, which was quite hard to miss during the show. Anger Foot is a fast-paced FPS where you go around kicking doors and gangsters.

As with Gorn, Genital Jousting and Broforce before it, the setup is quite simple. You go around S**t City (yes, that's its actual name) kicking down doors, kicking explosive barrels towards enemies, and going around cleaning rooms of bozos.

Anger Foot has a similar art style to Gorn, with a colourful, pulpy look. Enemies are anthropomorphic animals who intentionally don't animate very well, which adds to the shambling charm. Of course, once you've actually gained entry into the room, you're going to be hosing those fools with bullets from the barrels of a variety of weapons.

The game is designed to encourage different approaches for each encounter, so expect to be going back and try to better your time or finish the mission with more style. Anger Foot has only been announced for PC, and it's coming out sometime in 2023.

Until then, however, there's a Steam demo ready for you to download and play right now, which you should probably do if you like Free Lives' work.

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