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Analyst counts out WAR in battle against WoW

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What do analysts analyze? Not the news, apparently, as a WoW vs Warhammer report from Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian seems to suggest.

"We do not expect [Warhammer Online to have] a significant negative impact in the near-term on World of Warcraft — and note that preorders of the upcoming [WoW] expansion pack rank as one of the best selling games on and other retail websites," Sebastian told Edge.

Additionally, he expects WoW to vacuum up another 1 million players over the next year, mostly as a result of Wrath of the Lich King’s predetermined success.

"...our conversations at BlizzCon suggest limited interest in [Warhammer Online] among core WoW users,” he added.

We’ll let you guys handle this one.

By Nathan Grayson

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