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Mythic: Warhammer = Led Zeppelin, WoW = The Beatles, Monkees = Fail

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If it looks like WoW, but doesn’t play like WoW, is it inferior to WoW? No, says Warhammer Online senior designer Josh Drescher. He explained his stance to Destructoid, using the universal language of UK-influenced rock ‘n’ roll. And drugs.

“When we say we're not competing with World of Warcraft we really do mean that. I'm going to steal something from our creative director Paul Barnett, so imagine this is coming with a Northern English accent -- World of Warcraft is basically The Beatles, and if you set out to try and be The Beatles, you wind up as The Monkees. So, we really do just try and be a different type of product. We're not trying to beat them, we're not trying to replace them, we're not trying to destroy them, we're trying to be Led Zepellin.”

“We're trying to offer you a harder, darker, heavier sort of experience. We're trying to offer you the kind of music you'd listen to down in your basement with your friends, with a black light on and maybe some illicit substances. We are not trying to be the thing that you all slow dance to at your high school prom.”

Not a mirror image, but not a universe apart -- could Mythic be onto something here?

By Nathan Grayson

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