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Amazon UK giving PS4 pre-order customers chance to upgrade their bundle

PS4 pre-order customers over at Amazon UK are being contacted with the offer of grading-up their order to one of the new UK bundles announced by Sony recently.

We reported here that the UK is getting four PS4 bundles. Check out the contents and pricing of each pack here.

Now, Amazon UK is offering those with existing PS4 pre-orders the chance to upgrade their order to one of Sony's bundles. It's important to note that his is entirely optional however, unlike this week's SimplyGames controversy, which saw the online retailer demand that all PS4 customers pay for a more expensive bundle to secure their order.

Amazon UK has listed its terms and conditions here. All upgraded orders will still be sent to customers on the same day as the original pre-order, and there will be an October 16 deadline for customers to make their decision.

The Amazon bundles are as follows (Note: they all come with Killzone: Shadow Fall - except the Watch Dogs one - as well as one DualShock 4 controller)

  • PlayStation 4 and Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4) - £389
  • PlayStation 4 and Watch Dogs (PS4) - £389
  • PlayStation 4 Action Pack (PS4) - £429 (Adds Battlefield 4)
  • PlayStation 4 Adrenaline Pack (PS4) - £429 (Adds Need for Speed: Rivals)
  • PlayStation 4 Gamer Pack (PS4) - £449 (Adds extra DualShock 4 and PlayStation Camera)
  • PlayStation 4 FIFA Mega Pack (PS4) - £489 (Adds extra DualShock, PlayStation Camera and FIFA 14)

What do you think of the deals above?

PS4 hits the UK on November 29. Who's getting one at launch?

Via Eurogamer.

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