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Amazon no longer stocking Final Fantasy 13 Versus, suggests re-brand - rumour

Final Fantasy 13 Versus is no longer listed as being sold by Amazon directly, suggesting that the retailer has either stopped listing the product for sale, or that it no longer exists in its current form. The edits follow a rumour that the game will be re-revealed at E3 2013 as Final Fantasy 15.

Discovered by NeoGAF, the game's product page on Amazon US and Amazon Japan only has third-party sellers listed as stockists, suggesting that the company itself will not be stocking the game. Amazon had listed itself as a stockist of the game previously.

The strange edits follow rumours that Final Fantasy 13 Versus has been re-branded as 'Final Fantasy 15' and will be re-revealed at E3 next week. The rumour also suggests that the game has now gone PS4-exclusive. Check out the details here.

What do you make of the above? Has the game changed to Final Fantasy 15, or has Amazon just become impatient? Let us know below.

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