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Alpha Protocol to contain "tasteful" but "satisfying" sex-scenes


Obsidian has included sex-scenes to its upcoming RPG Alpha Protocol, and producer Nathan Davis promises that the horizontal bits are “satisfying” but “tasteful” with no gameplay elements involved - a la God of War.

"It’s tasteful,” Davis told Videogamer. “We do some things with our cinematics, too. It isn’t just like a hand up on a thing! We cut around it a little bit. It’s an American game! What can I say? There are limits to what we can do there.

"I’ve seen a few of the cinematics for those and it ends up being satisfying without being… you know… over… you know?

"No God of War sex scenes! We don’t have that.”

Players will be able to have numerous partners with NPCs, along with female soldier Sie and handler Mina - which will impact the game's various endings.

The rate things are going, Link will be able to cop a feel with Zelda by 2025.

More through the link.

Thanks, ShiroGamer.

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