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Team17 speaks out on Allison Road cancellation

We still have no idea what happened.


Team17 speaks out on Allison Road cancellation

No good news, I'm afraid: P.T.-inspired horror game Allison Road isn't any less cancelled, and that cancellation isn't any less mysterious.

In response to our entreaties of last week, Team17 sent over the following statement on the matter:

After a long consideration between Lilith owner Chris Kesler and ourselves, we have reached a mutual agreement to end our collaboration on publishing Allison Road under Team17’s Games label. We love the concept and value Chris talent highly, but sometime things pan out differently than expected as game development and publishing have so many layers of complexity. The whole team here wish all the best to Chris on his current and future projects for which, before being a business partner, we are also a fan.

You'll notice there are some echoes of the phrasing of Lilith's statement on the matter, and also a similarly low level of actual information.

Well, it's par for the course unfortunately; it's very rare that we find out what goes on behind closed doors in the games industry. It usually takes a really messy situation and a flurry of lawsuits, or an unusually candid GDC post-mortem, for these tales to be told. Unless someone gets drunk with an indiscreet journo; we can but hope.

None of this is any comfort to horror fans who had been eagerly awaiting the haunted house adventure. Do you remember that prototype trailer? I nearly had a heart attack just watching that.

Initially destined for crowdfunding, Allison Road left Kickstarter to join Team17's newly-birthed publishing label. Inspired by Silent Hills teaser P.T., it seems to have suffered the same fate - there's been no word on a return to crowdfunding.

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