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Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U hasn't been cancelled, says Sega

Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U was rumoured to be cancelled, following a rumour sparked by a Kotaku writer. Today, Sega's UK team has stated that this isn't true.

Speaking with Eurogamer, a Sega UK rep said of the alleged Wii U cancellation, "It's not true. We haven't announced the release date for it yet but that's it."

The site also adds that the Wii U edition's Amazon page had vanished.

All of the confusion stemmed from Kotaku writer Jason Schreier stating on Twitter, "We heard from a tipster about a month ago that the Wii U version had been 'postponed indefinitely'. We reached out to Sega, and they denied it. I'll let you guys fill in the blanks there. :)"

When Eurogamer asked Sega about the term 'postponed indefinitely' a rep reiterated that the game's release date hadn't been formally announced for Wii U.

Make of that what you will folks.

Meanwhile, check out my Aliens: Colonial Marines appraisal, the review round-up and a big statement allegedly from Sega discussing rumours that suggest Gearbox actually had very little to do with the game's development at all.

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