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Alien: Isolation trademark filed by Twentieth Century Fox

The Aliens game franchise hasn't done terribly well of late, following the shambles that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Yet it's too lucrative a license to be abandoned, and now a trademark filed by Twentieth Century Fox suggests that we'll be returning to the Alien universe at some point in the near-future. Is Alien: Isolation the long-awaited Creative Assembly project?

We've known that Creative Assembly has been working on an Alien game for a little while now. Back in March they teased us with a couple of images. Since then it's been radio silence.

The trademark for Alien: Isolation is for use with computer game and video game software, downloadable mobile software, and, um, decorative magnets. So it could be a mobile game or, worse, just a new line of fridge magnets.

Ever since Colonial Marines, Aliens fans have been holding the Creative Assembly project up as the last great hope for the franchise. If this turns out to be one and the same, we can only hope to find out more about it soon, and that it won't just be decorating our fridges.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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