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Watch Amanda come face-to-carapace with her worst nightmare in Alien: Isolation

Those lucky enough to be in Cologne for gamescom this week will have all sorts of games to play, including Alien: Isolation. A new CGI trailer for it is below.

Playable at the Koch Media stand, those who stop by the booth will be able to try out a section of the game where the player is confined, and armed with only a flamethrower.

They will need to get out the area in the fastest possible time and the only gadget available is a motion tracker - unless you feel you have the time and ability to craft various useful items. Distraction and evasion is the name of the survival game in this instance.

Below, the CGI trailer, Improvise, shows Amanda Ripley coming 'face-to-carapace' with her worst nightmare: the creature which separated her from her mother 15 years earlier.

Along with the trailer, some in-game screenshots are available for each platform.

Alien: Isolation is out October 7 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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