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Activision "won't tamper" with Infinity Ward's culture


Activision’s WWS boss Dave Stohl has said he's "100 percent confident" Infinity Ward will "come back to what it was", however, the publisher doesn't want to "tamper with" the studios' culture.

Speaking with Develop, Stohl said Activision is supporting the recruiting process, hinting at decisions on who to hire are left up to Infinity Ward.

"We want Infinity Ward to be Infinity Ward," said Stohl. "It’s a very specific culture. Recruiting for Infinity Ward – I mean we have had … well, let’s just say recruiting is not a problem!

"There’s a ton of talented people at the studio, and yes some on the inside are stepping up their game internally and becoming more senior.

"I’m not going to sit here and say no good talent left the studio, because obviously a lot of good talent did, but a lot of people who are really passionate about their job are still there.

"I’m one hundred percent confident that the studio will come back to what it was, especially considering all the talent we’re seeing rising through and also being recruited.

"There’s a development philosophy that remains intact, and the studio is attracting amazing new talent. Ultimately, Infinity Ward will rise from the ashes."

Last week during a financial call to investors, COO Thomas Tippl said Activision has received over 5K inquiries into vacant positions within the Call of Duty franchise.

Thanks, DeSpiritusBellum.

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