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Activision financials: Hawk for revamp in this FY

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In last night's investor conference call, which followed the announcement of record financials for Activision's third quarter, company execs confirmed that a new Tony Hawk game would release in this financial year and would be revamped over the now tried and tested forumula beaten to death in its nine-game history.

The game, obviously, is likely to release this Christmas. While no details were forthcoming about what we can expect to see in terms of changes to the franchise, Activision admitted it had taken a kicking from EA's SKATE, which outsold it last Christmas by 2:1.

The company said that it had done a "significant amount of consumer research and testing to find out what consumers want from the brand," and as a result has "confirmed the brand is still very relevant and highly appealing," but admitted "we need to step up innovation."

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