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Dead or Alive 6 story detailed, along with new screenshots

The Dead or Alive 6 website is live and there's a whole host of tasty screenshots and details about Koei Tecmo's upcoming fighting game.

Dead or Alive was announced last week, and as promised, the official site has been updated with more screenshots and details on the title.

The new system has been detailed, and we've been given a look at the new stages. The story has also been outlined.

"After a sinister incident in a village...Kasumi, a successor of the legendary Mugen Tenshin ninja clan, abandoned her clan and became a 'runaway ninja,' secretly living in a hermitage in a mountain village.

"Meanwhile, Helena Douglas, president of the new DOATEC, is involved in an incident...The sudden ----- of an individual with special powers sent shivers down her spine..."

A mysterious "genius" is also mentioned, along with a "sinister plan" that's being set in motion. You can read more here.

Details on the new combo and specials system have been fleshed out somewhat too.

The triangle system (strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes) is still in place, but is being facilitated with the new Break Gauge System.

It introduces a special attack meter that can be used to "execute new tactics such as a Break Blow or a Break Hold."

The Break Blow is a "special skill which has a powerful smash while parrying an enemy strike," while the Break Hold is "the ultra hold which returns upper, middle, and lower attacks."

The new combo attack, Fatal Rush, "is a powerful combo attack of up to four neatly animated punches and kicks making a first time player look like an expert."

The new stages include the DOA Colosseum, the "main stage for the 6th Dead or Alive tournament," and The Throwdown, a back alley and "popular hangout spot," so make of that what you will.

Dead or Alive 6 will launch in early 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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