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38 Studios website back up and running, sort of

Here's some odd news for you: the 38 Studios website seems to be back up and running.

Sort of.

Noticed by RPGsite, and pointed out to us by Bitsnark, the site contains a messages stating:

"Amid the maelstrom of recent press, we realize it’s unlikely you’re here to visit the new occupants; namely, us. Meh. Our apologies. That being said, if you’re looking for updates on the former tenants: Curt Shilling, Green Monster Games, etc. Try here. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. Please excuse the mess while we move in."

There are three site buttons you can click which give you three choices: 38 Studios, Excuse the Mess, and Relaunch.

All lead back to the same message quoted above.

Earlier today, RPGsite noticed the 38 Studios website had maintenance messages on the site, such as "please excuse the mess, we're moving in" and "relaunch" .

So, this could mean one of two things: the site domain could have been purchased by another, or it could be some type of viral marketing.

It could be anything really. We'll keep an eye on it.

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