Destiny 2: Forsaken – Clan challenges

By Lauren Aitken, Monday, 21 January 2019 09:12 GMT

If you’re a member of a Level 4 Clan, there are some special challenges available for you to try in the Last Wish raid.

Destiny 2: Forsaken came complete with a new raid in September that, despite its solid difficulty, is still proving popular among fans.

There are two Clan Bounties you can pick up from Hawthorne called Forever Fight and Which Witch. Your Clan must be Level 4 or above to take part in these challenges, both of which are much more difficult than they appear.

Destiny 2: Forever Fight Challenge

To complete the Forever Fight challenge, you must first reach the third boss in The Last Wish raid, Morgeth, the Spirekeeper. It’s recommended that you have around 550 Power for this section.

There will be a tonne of adds spawning, as well as a few Ogres. You need to kill all the adds, but do not touch the Ogres. Try your best not to damage them, and definitely don’t kill any of them.

Focus on the adds and leave Morgeth alone. Throughout the fight, Morgeth’s back will swell up until it forms a huge sac. When it glows bright blue, it’s time to strike, so focus all your attention on it from that point onwards.

Once you’ve destroyed the sac on Morgeth’s back, it will die and you’ll complete the challenge. There are obviously other steps needed to complete this section and progress through the raid, but if you’re happy just completing this part for the challenge then it isn’t too difficult.

Destiny 2: Which Witch Challenge

On the surface, the premise of this challenge is quite straightforward: reach Shuro Chi and don’t get hit by her long-range precision attack. As long as no members of your team are hit by her attack and you defeat her, you’ll complete the challenge.

What makes this challenge a bit of a ballache is that if you stay in her line of sight and stop moving for even a second, she can strike you out of nowhere. Even if only one member of your team is hit, you’ll lose the challenge.

Your best bet would be to stay out of sight, behind a pillar or by constantly moving in the air. If you can see her or her eyes, chances are she can’t see you.

Shuro Chi usually starts making some noise when she’s about to attack, so if you hear anything then instruct your Fireteam to get some cover or start moving erratically through the air.

Avoid getting hit and the challenge is yours.

Destiny 2: Keep Out Challenge

The Keep Out Clan challenge requires you to reach the Vault in the Last Wish raid and complete the Might of Riven Knights encounter in a specific way. You’ll need to have a good knowledge of the area to be able to complete this challenge, so run through the Vault section once or twice beforehand to get your bearings.

You’ll have to prevent a Might of Riven Knight from entering the centre chamber to complete Keep Out. As experienced Guardians will know, as soon as the Taken Essence is picked up, two sections of the area are closed off by a Taken wall. The trick here is to be on the other side of this wall before you pick up the Taken Essence.

Once the Eye of Riven has been defeated, send a member of your Fireteam to one of three rooms, which are Tree, Rock and Ball. The fourth member can pick up the Taken Essence and can carry on to the centre chamber. Might of Riven Knights will then begin to spawn, and it’s important that they are defeated before they reach the centre chamber.

Even if one Knight with very low health reaches the chamber, you will lose the challenge. Bringing high-damage Power weapons would be advantageous, as well as having Well of Radiance equipped. Short-range weapons are also a good shout because the Knights will stop to take a swing at you rather than focusing on reaching the centre.

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