Lords of the Fallen guide: Judge boss battle

By Staff, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:16 GMT

This is it: the final boss. Let us help you complete the game.


To fulfil the bonus requirements, ensure that none of the Infested get killed by the fire trails. You’ll want to have plenty of Fire Resistance shards to hand and bolster your attack power, as he Judge will heal throughout the fight. Opt for lighter armour for manoeuverability. You’ll being the battle at the top of the Citadel, but when you shave off some of his HP, you’ll move to the courtyard.

At close range, get the Judge to initiate his combo attacks, but stay far enough away that won’t actually get struck by them. HIs 2-hit combo attack is administered from the arm covered in blades, with the second hit having a further reach than the first. The 3-hit combo attack starts with bladed arm, switches to the other for the second strike and is followed up by a ground pound that releases a shock wave, so make sure you’re not too close to avoid the impact. You can attack him after both of these combos, but note that his recovery after the 3-hit combo gives you more time to retaliate.

He’ll also rush you and follow up with a ground pound and shock wave that you can avoid by rolling or jumping. The timing is trickier for the roll so you might want to focus on jumping instead. Those blades on his arms will come into play if you take him on from a distance, as he’ll fire them at you, but you should be able to dodge them with relative ease.

The Judge will be particularly vulnerable after he chokes up some unhealthy-looking green gas, so nip in and cause as much damage as you can, following up with a ranged attack when he retreats. When he disappears, use a Fire Resistance Shard. A number of Infested will spring up from the floor of the arena and at the same time, the Judge will send out homing flame trails that can prove difficult to dodge. To improve your chances of avoiding them, run around the arena in a circle. The lighter the armour, the faster you’ll be.

The Judge will soon rematerialise near the balcony and when he does, take the opportunity to dive in and attack, while he slaughters the Infested and tops up his HP. He’ll now start using an additional attack in the form of a ground-based projectile attack that erupts into a red mist when it reaches your location. You need to get as far away as you can when he uses this as if you get hit, your max HP will reduce and the effect lasts for the rest of the battle. Note that the mist takes a while to dissipate and if this touches you, you’ll suffer the same consequence.

Good luck! When the Judge goes down, sit back and watch the ending!

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