Dead Rising 3 13GB update explained by Microsoft, DLC contents confirmed

Tuesday, 21st January 2014 08:25 GMT By Dave Cook

Dead Rising 3 received a whopping 13GB update yesterday, and it was presumed to be in preparation for the Xbox One launch title’s first DLC pack; Operation Broken Eagle. In fact, it goes a little deeper than that, as Microsoft has now explained.

We initially reported on the Dead Rising 3 update through the link.

In a press release sent to VG247, Microsoft explained, “Capcom Vancouver released a new title update today for Dead Rising 3 in advance of tomorrow’s launch of the game’s first DLC episode, Operation Broken Eagle.

“The update introduces a host of improvements to single-player and co-op gameplay, including a variety of performance and stability upgrades, and fixes for issues related to achievements, UI updates, SmartGlass and more. Additionally, it adds a new impulse trigger feature that notifies players when they are running low on ammo.”

The release adds that Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle puts you in control of Spec Ops commander Adam Kane, as he ventures out into the zombie-infested world to capture the missing US President. The pack costs £7.99 and includes a new mission, five new weapons, one new combo weapon, a new vehicle, as well as a new outfit and achievements.

It is the first of four planned DLC packs. You can get them all in the season pass for £23.99.

Any takers?



  1. Ireland Michael

    That… doesn’t actually explain why it’s 13GB.

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Pytox

    locked dlc content download?

    #2 11 months ago
  3. Fin


    I’d assume so. Download the entire DLC as part of a patch, unlock with a 1kb licence key.

    #3 11 months ago
  4. ddtd

    Either that, or it’s replacing a lot of files. Does the patch add a full 13gb to the games size on the HD?

    #4 11 months ago

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