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Zynga CEO package worth $19.3 million this year, $50 million over three years

Over the next few years, new Zynga CEO Don Mattrick will receive compensation worth about $50 million.

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The new executive will receive a base salary of $1 million for his first year, a cash bonus of $5 million for signing on the dotted line, and a $2 million bonus for 2013, which is the average bonus received by Zynga's other executives.

Mattrick's remaining compensation will be mostly stock-based, according to a Reuters report on a Zynga SEC filing.

To start with, Mattrick will receive a $25 million share grant - about 9 million units to vest over three years.

The shares are worth $30.5 million now, but at the end of his first year in office, Matrrick will receive 45.32% of that amount, which should net him a further $11.3 million - bringing his first year cash total to $19.3 million.

On top of that, Zynga will grant Mattrick a further 1.78 million stock units worth $5 million, as well as the option to buy a further 7.3 million worth $10 million, to vest at the end of his third, fourth and fifth employment terms - an inducement to stick around.

And finally, if Mattrick performs well, Zynga may grant him further stock worth $7 million.

Zynga stock rose sharply when Mattrick's appointment was announced.

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