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Zombie Studios making Unreal Engine 3 shooter for Kinect

Internet detective Superannuation has discovered that Zombie Studios is apparently working on a unannounced rail-based "Zero Person Shooter" for Kinect.

Two resumes were stumbled upon regarding the game - one of an C++ Programmer and another of a Lead Game/Level Designer, both of which mention the project.

The unnamed C++ programmer's resume states that the project has been in development for five months now and is a single player only title.

The second resume, which is of a guy named Richard Dormer just states that he is working as the Lead Game/Level Designer for the game, which he cites as being a "To be announced console title" for Xbox 360 Kinect made using UE3.

Expect this to be announced during Microsoft's E3 conference and yes, they've already started teasing about their conference at the event.

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