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Zeschuk on BioWare and Mythic - "We're not merged at all"


BioWare co-head Greg Zeschuk has told Eurogamer that BioWare and Mythic are still two different entities, despite being pulled together into one EA group under Ray Muzyka's leadership.

"There absolutely is still BioWare and Mythic, we're not merged at all," he said, speaking in London last week.

"That's kind of how it all works. Ray and I, we've never operated by telling people what to do, that's one of the reasons why we have great games: we don't tell our team how to build Dragon Age. We say, 'Here are the goals,' and they go and figure out how they want it to work."

It was announced last month that Mythic boss Mark Jacobs would be departing the developer, and that Muzyka would be assuming control of the new division.

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