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Zelnick: We will stay profitable on non-GTA years

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Speaking to VentureBeat at E3 last week, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick has said that one of his main challenges since taking over at the firm has been to deliver a business that's stable in the "off" years from GTA - and he feels as though he's close to achieving it.

"We aren’t giving guidance for 2009 yet," he said. "But I feel very good that we can deliver on that goal of a profitable enterprise even in non-GTA years.

"Look at our array of hits and owned intellectual property. We have 30 million-plus selling titles, 15 of which are fully owned. BioShock. Carnival Games. Our entire 2K sports line-up, like NHL, MLB, and NBA. TopSpin tennis. Carnival Games for the DS and Carnival Games for Mini Golf. Civilization is out in the market now and doing extremely well. Midnight Club LA is coming up and the list goes on.

"It’s just not true that we are only about GTA."

Lots more through the link, and very much worth a read.

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