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Zelnick: Still "plenty of room" to push creativity this gen

Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has said there's still life yet within this cycle of consoles.

Speaking to MCV, Zelnick insisted that the hardware market, with the exception of Wii, was not in a "depression."

"If you exclude Wii – which one could argue is at least partially a different market than Xbox 360 and PS3 – the market is not in a depression," he said.

"Moreover, we’ve seen and will continue to see huge growth in new forms of interactive entertainment. If you give consumers what they want – whether that’s a social game on Facebook or a triple-A, multi-hour experience on a console – they’ll come out for it.

"As for the technology itself, we still have plenty of room to push the limits of creativity in the current console generation."

Zelnick said that in the terms of the content Take Two was producing from its 2K and Rockstar studios, it's simple: good just doesn't cut it anymore.

"Today, games need to be off-the-charts great in order to capture mindshare and market share," he said.

"Our performance demonstrated that consumers are as willing as ever to open their wallets for exceptional entertainment experiences.

"In addition, we believe that if you attract and retain the best creative talent, provide them with the resources to pursue their passion within practical economic parameters and support their efforts with world-class marketing and distribution, you have an opportunity to make hits — and profits — in any market."

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