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Zelda Wii U & next full Mario title discussed by Iwata

The Legend of Zelda and the next fully-3D Mario title have been discussed by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Check out his tantalising tease below.

Speaking about the subject with IGN, Iwata raised a theoretical question regarding Wii U hardware development, and how Nintendo needed to craft it with software in mind, "As we develop a new hardware platform, we ask ourselves such questions as, ‘what kind of new Zelda and Mario games do the software creators hope to make on this?’"

He added, "We will announce the launch schedules for new 3D Zelda and Mario games in the future, but this is not the right opportunity for me to indicate when we will make such announcements."

Iwata also acknowledged that the Wii U format will need more than its usual stable of characters to succeed, citing the format's roster of third-party support as a key benefit, "Our first party software alone can't be enough to appeal to the different tastes of all game fans. The decision of Nintendo that it will publish the two software titles from Platinum Games is one answer to this challenge."

Shigeru Miyamoto has also expressed interest in Metroid Prime developers Retro Studios tackling the next full Zelda title, stating that they are 'qualified' to do so.

The Zelda Wii U tech demo seen at E3 last year will apparently not serve as the basis for the eventual game however. But it can't hurt to watch it again right?

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Thanks to YLGV for the clip, and ONM for the source.

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