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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a lovely nod to BotW's DLC that's easy to miss

Horses aren't the only thing that can carry over into the sequel.

If you've played and beaten the Champion's Ballad DLC in Breath of the Wild, you might find something small but special in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Story spoilers ahead for both Breath of the Wild's DLC and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

When DLC was announced for Breath of the Wild, a lot of fans were excited by how the world and story might get expanded. But some were left a little disappointed that it mostly just fleshed out the Champion's backstory, something I personally loved as it helped inform the kind of people they were. However, one of the nicest touches came from once you beat the DLC, as the final cutscene shows a scene of the Champions all taking a photo together. You'd then find this photo hung up in Link's house in Hateno, a really nice touch to mark you've finished it - and it turns out that if you've beaten the DLC, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom knows, and will show the same photo in that exact house.

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Anyone that's managed to make it to Hateno in Tears of the Kingdom will know that the house now belongs to Zelda (makes sense, as that is where most of the Hylians live now). I was wondering if the house would still be there in Tears of the Kingdom, so made my way over there pretty early on to check it out, and was pleasantly surprised to find the photo of the Champions all together.

With and without the photo.

The only reason I know that the photo isn't there anyway is because my partner is playing through the game too, but doesn't currently have a save file where she's beaten the Champion's Ballad. They were pretty disappointed to see the photo wasn't there, but when I shared that I was happy to see it there she was surprised as she hadn't seen it. A nice little touch for those that did play through the DLC!

That isn't the only thing in Tears of the Kingdom that transfers over from your save file. You can also import your horses from Breath of the Wild, another great touch as I did come to love my horses in the first game.

Now all players need to do is start believing the game even exists so they can all see this for themselves.

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