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Zelda Skyward Sword: how to get to Beedle's flying shop to buy adventure pouch & wallet upgrades

Some of Skyward Sword's most important upgrades are only found in an easily-skippable shop - Beedle is back, baby.

While the most exciting items you get in Zelda are always those awarded in dungeons, some of the most important are a little more boring - things that allow you to carry more Rupees or other less-interesting items you find on your journey that nevertheless feel rather essential.

In The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, most of these key items are found in Beedle's Airshop. Here's a few of the key items you'll be able to get from Beedle, if you find him:

  • Bug Net: a usable item that controls just like your sword. It's used to catch bugs, duh. There are bugs everywhere in this game. It's a cheap 50 Rupees.
  • Bug Medal: if you get really into bug collecting, the medal will let you see where bugs are on your map. It's expensive, but a must for completionists.
  • Extra Wallet Upgrades: initially, you can only carry 300 Rupees. With each Wallet upgrade you buy for 100 Rupees each, you can raise that by an additional 300 Rupees. You can buy up to three extra, allowing you to carry four-figures of cash.
  • Adventure Pouch Upgrade: you can upgrade the Adventure Pouch 3 times - with the cost doubling each time. The first upgrade costs 300 Rupees. Naturally, this lets you carry more stuff.
  • Piece of Heart: like any other, adds to your progress towards a new heart container. It's an expensive 1600 Rupees, though.
  • Life Medal: an item that allows you to get an extra heart container - but it takes up space in your Adventure Pouch.

There's a side quest you can perform for Beedle involving catching his beloved bug - and if you do this, you can get a 50% discount off one item, one-time - though you're best off saving this and using it on one of the most expensive items.

Beedle's Airshop only stocks a handful of items at a time, and there'll only ever be one of the 'stacking' items such as Wallet Upgrades present at any one time. However, he restocks instantly - so if you want to buy multiple Wallet upgrades in one go (which we recommend), simply leave and re-enter his airship.

Speaking of that - here's how to actually get to him:

How to get to Beedle's Shop in Skyward Sword

While you might not know how to find him at first, as it turns out Beedle's About pretty much all the time in your adventure - his flying air shop floats over Skyloft during the daytimes. At night, he retreats to his private island, which you can't normally reach.

Scan Skyloft for the Airshop; because it's flying, it is constantly moving around, and you might have to look for it for a while. If you're struggling to find it, you can sleep in a nearby bed or enter and exit a building to try to reset its location.

Once you locate the airshop, you now need to tell Beedle you want to enter his shop. To do that, you'll need either the Slingshow, Beetle, Clawshot, or a Bow and Arrows. Hanging from the bottom of the airshop is a bell - you just need to ring the bell by hitting it.

Once the bell has been rung, a rope will drop and the shop will stop moving. This'll then allow you to grab hold of the rope and climb up to Beedle's shop.

We mentioned earlier that Beedle retreats to a private island at night. If you want to reach it, simply sleep in the bed on the far left of Beedle's shop until night-time - by the time you wake up, you'll be on his island. You'll need to sleep in the bed again, until morning, to leave.

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